Tin Huey 'Before Obscurity...' CD

It's impossible to characterize Huey. They were part punk, part noise, part prog, part jazz, all completely unselfconscious in their relentless quest to shift genres and tempos. If you like Pere Ubu, Devo, Beefheart, Tom Waits, The Residents, and other quintessential purveyors of Weird American Music, you will likely love these early recordings of various Huey configurations (including an early version of The Waitresses, sort of). As these are archival recordings, the technical quality varies from track to track, but Huey's "close your eyes and floor it" eclecticism is its own cohesiveness. Journey back in time to an America where Watergate was still a hangover, Keith Emerson was still a star, and guys with heart and talent would try just about anything in the name of rock and roll. The amazing thing...all these songs still sound like they were recorded yesterday.

Packaged in a green-friendly gatefold sleeve with liner notes by Robert Christgau.

Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes - Tin Huey