Jukebox Value/User split 7-inch

Debut release from both these brand new Cleveland bands.  Jukebox Value is Chris from This Moment In Black History.  Here's what someone said about it: "Jukebox Value represents a mighty change from the guy who bum-rushed the stage at a local music awards show a few years back. Tonight, it was just Chris and his acoustic guitar. He abandoned the amp he had carefully dragged in. He didn't stage-dive, or scream, or thrash about wildly. His songs were mostly sort of... slow, and maybe sad, and possibly best described as he facetiously did, as bummercore. Sort of shoegazing for the wilder types."

User it could be said treads in the same gene pool.  But honestly, I don't find anything at all shoe-gazing about these bands, maybe you do.  Sounds to me like both of these bands transported back in time to buy some records at Record Rendezvous, and cleaned the place out of all the Wire, Spherical Objects, and every other thing on Fast they could find.  Honestly, this stuff sends shivers down my spine, and I'm sure it'll do the same for you.

Limited, with a free download code in case your turntable is busted.