Hy Maya "The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language" double LP

“Hy Maya did not start as a band; it started as a concept. A life concept and fascination with Eastern culture…and that concept became my life.”

– Robert Bensick 

 “…Hy Maya was Bensick's way of doing music; and that if you shared his style at the moment, you also were in Hy Maya.” 

-- Charlotte Pressler

The 3rd and last entry in the Platters du Cuyahoga series 2 releases, this release offers to fans of Cleveland underground rock, private press aficionados, and electronic/prog/improvisational music devotees the first ever glimpse into the much mythologized but never before released in any form 1972-1973 studio and live recordings of Hy Maya.

The experimental Cleveland musical collective Hy Maya was first conceived and visualized by Robert Bensick [The Robert Bensick Band/Fins/Berlin West], in the Spring of 1972 as a performance piece debuting at Robert's Cleveland State University artist of the year show. The group’s core members included drummer/percussionist Scott Krauss [Pere Ubu/Home & Garden/Cinderella Backstreet], synthesist Allen Ravenstine [Pere Ubu/Red Crayola], and electric and acoustic bassist Albert Dennis [Cinderella Backstreet/Wolves]. Pianist Bob Friedhofer [Froggy & the Shrimps], conga player/percussionist Richard Schneider, and Mellotron player Cynthia Black [Cinderella Backstreet/Peter & the Wolves] also contributed significantly to the collective at various times.

Hy Maya created sounds that were heavily driven by an artistic and spiritual foundation and were undeniable and pivotal influence upon Pere Ubu (and, for that matter, related bands that came in between such as the aforementioned Fins and The Robert Bensick Band). Hy Maya were usually namechecked as a mere footnote in Ubu’s pre-history despite the fact that two of Hy Maya’s members (Ravenstine and Krauss) would go on to co-form Pere Ubu in September 1975. Few had witnessed Hy Maya perform; fewer remembered them or even knew who or what they had been, sadly a re-occurring issue for influential artists who languish in obscurity due to limited available information.

The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language is an attempt to right these wrongs and to give as much of a complete portrait of Hy Maya in its various incarnations as possible. While portions of the group’s history are still somewhat uncertain in regards to timelines, the discovery of numerous live and studio recordings with a variety of Hy Maya’s line-ups tells the story of the group’s progression in a way, perhaps, that is much closer to the band’s overall intent and philosophy.

This double LP is pressed on stunning blue marbled vinyl and includes a free download code with bonus tracks and extensive liner notes from Nick Blakey along with never before published photos.

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