Harvey Gold "It's Messy, Vol. 1" CD

"It's Messy" with forays into power pop, electronica, orchestral pop, acoustic American folk, a protest song, a bit of music hall, and a weird instrumental. It's Messy, Vol. 1 revels in being mercurial and unpredictable..." --Jim Testa/Jersey Beat

"...wonders grounded in an emotional honesty while gilded perforce in the Akronesque witticisms..." --Dave Cantrell/Stereo Embers

Describing the musical output of the eclectic Harvey Gold, a founding father of Tin Huey and Half Cleveland, Gold has offered, “We are what we eat and we’ve eaten a lot of different stuff.”

Careening from power pop, to electronic, to “West Akron Appalachian,” this solo album includes an emotional protest/love song in “The Fence,” a sizzling rocker with horns, “In Consideration of Joe Strummer,” a dark take on The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” AND a nod to Vivian Stanshall with a Music Hall style tune about a hard-boiled egg, “Song For Joanne.” It’s even been suggested that the track, “March of the Elephants,” might be Gold’s instrumental sequel to his Huey’s opus, “Chinese Circus.”

So, he’d like to think he says it all in the title, “It’s Messy Vol. 1.”


  • Four songs are recorded with Half Cleveland, Gold’s band with mates from Tin Huey, Chris Butler and Bob Ethington.
  • Another four tracks are with Harvey in the Hall, comprised of Debbie Smith Cahan (Chi Pig), Ethington, and Gold—with a couple of those tunes aided by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, and Byrd and Burrito Brother, Chris Hillman.
  • “Lemon Beazly” is an epic reunion of the three original members of Tin Huey: Michael Aylward, Stuart Austin, and Gold.
  • The rest of the album—well, someone mistakenly left him alone in a room with toys, so…

Of note: the song “The Fence” has been remastered for this release and everything Gold receives from it is donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Additionally, proceeds from the song “Eidola (inadvertently for Ralph)” go to Sweet Relief in memory of his dear collaborator and friend, Ralph Carney (who briefly appeared on “The Fence”).

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