OBNOX "Bang Messiah" CD

PLEASE NOTE: the LP version of this release is SOLD OUT.  You are ordering the CD version.  You may still find the LP version in the wild at your favorite record shop.

Smog Veil is where Cleveland's one-man industry Lamont “Bim” Thomas debuted Obnox and it is where he returns for his latest and greatest punk-junk-funk masterpiece.  We are happy and honored to have him back home and can’t wait to see him tear up the road once again.  

“...Thomas’s grooves are so simple and powerful they feel instantly classic, as if he plucked them from some hidden vault of magic funk tricks.” —MARC MASTERS/PITCHFORK. “...the eyeball-destroying intersection of needle-ripping blues and sludgy punk.” –COLIN JOYCE/SPIN.

12 song CD, mastered by Adam Smith with art by Crooks McCann and H2O.