Cleveland's Screaming double DVD documentary

Smog Veil has a small limited number of the Brad Warner (0DFX, Dimentia 13) directed documentary film double DVD set.  Our friends at Red Hour Records produced this release and also licensed to us The Guns double LP.

“Cleveland’s Screaming” is a documentary film about the hardcore punk rock scene in northeast Ohio in the era of Reaganomics (1981-1984). A new breed of punk rock music came about named hardcore, which led to kids forming bands and building scenes around the country, networking a community of people from all over the world. This film shows the beginnings of NEO hardcore punk’s scene to its demise a few years later, as told first hand by the people and bands that were there, including interviews, rare concert footage, photos and fliers, never before seen until now.  Even yours truly, Frank Smog Veil, makes an appearance in the film!!

DVD 1 – Full Length Documentary

DVD 2 – Special Bonus DVD with rare 80s concert footage, interviews and other extras