The Guns double LP

Hands down the top-end standard by which all other Cleveland hardcore bands should be measured, Cleveland hardcore history could not have been the same without The Guns.  Scott Eakin and Dave Araca formed the band originally as a 2-piece, later adding to the lineup some amazing rippers in the form of Sean Saley, Bob Ries, and Scott Silverman. Though a couple compilation appearances is all they managed back in the day, this release collects those tracks plus all other studio recordings, as well as some choice live cuts. The LP also features Vince Rancid's original cover art as commissioned by the band in the 80s and informative liners penned by Scott's brother, Tom Dark, and Sean Saley.

"The Guns is a fitting tribute to an excellent band." --Hunter Bennett/Ugly Things #34

"This is a definite must-have for any old-school hardcore punk..." --Janelle Jones/AMP #111

The numbers: double LP with free download code, 43 songs, 2nd press limited to 500 copies, black and red marble vinyl.

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