Platters du Cuyahoga Series 1 LP subscription

PLEASE NOTE: We are out of stock on the LP format of the Robert Bensick Band "French Pictures In London" release.  So, this Powerpak will include the LP format of the x_x release and the Mr Stress Blues Band release and the CD format of "French Pictures in London". If you are looking for the LP format of "French Pictures in London" please check with your local retailer or at Amazon.


Smog Veil Records announces a new series of archival and newly recorded material to be released individually and as bundled specials, called Platters du Cuyahoga, Series 1. The series will highlight and celebrate Cleveland's long running and rich history of challenging and often bombastic music.

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The initial three releases are: (1) X__X : Albert Ayler’s Ghosts Live at the Yellow Ghetto (November 20, 2015 release date); (2) Robert Bensick Band: French Pictures In London (1975); (3) Mr. Stress Blues Band: Live At the Brick Cottage 1972 – 1973. All the releases will be formatted on vinyl as well as CD and download/streaming. A hallmark of the series will be that each release contains extensive liner notes, all carefully crafted and researched. Byron Coley (Forced Exposure, NY Rocker, Boston Rock, Spin, Arthur magazine column with Thurston Moore) penned the liner notes for X__X, and Nick Blakey (The Boston Phoenix, EQ, Chunklet, Your Flesh, The Peter Laughner Archive) wrote the liners for the Robert Bensick and Mr. Stress releases.

The X___X LP is on blue vinyl and contains lock grooves on both sides of the record.  The Robert Bensick Band LP will also be pressed on colored vinyl.  The Mr Stress Blues Band LP contains a free download with extra tracks.

The X__X release will feature new recordings from one of Cleveland's most notable late 1970s post punk outfits.  The band plans live dates to coincide with this release, expect fireworks and power tools.  The Robert Bensick Band album is an unreleased studio record recorded at Agency Recording Studio in 1975.  Tapes were saved this year by Alan Howarth and Paul Hamann.  The band and this release represent an important era and history of the downtown artist colony known as The Plaza and besides Robert Bensick features an all-star cast including Scott Krauss and Tom Herman (Pere Ubu), Albert Dennis, Michael Hronek, and Cynthia Black. Paul also engineered the Mr. Stress Blues Band never before released live set, culled from their rowdy Brick Cottage (aka, the Sick Brick) sets.