Les Black and the Amazing Pink Holes RSD 7"

OK folks, continuing our tradition of under the radar releases for RSD, we present to you a 4 song blast of Cleveland punk rock silliness from Les Black and the Amazing Pink Holes.

Recorded during the "Breakfast With The Pink Holes" session, these tracks have been long out of print and otherwise unavailable except for digital downloads and streams.

The tracks are: Billy Monster, Frustration Factor, Under The Covers, and Love, You Bet!

Cheese Borger, Smog Veil minister of shipping and keeper of our society pages, is of course the bassist of the Pink Holes and The Cleveland Steamers.  Check out The Cleveland Steamers HERE.

Limited to 300 copies, this small hole 7" comes on Big-O colored vinyl (that is, orange) OR Chip Chop Ham colored vinyl (that is, pink) and includes a fold out poster sleeve.  Grab it now before it is gone gone gone!!