Lair Matic Assembly s/t 7-inch

Lair "Keith" Matic played in numerous Cleveland bands, and is best known for his work with AK-47s and Broncs, landing tracks on the legendary Cleveland Confidential releases.  Lair also was in the earliest Offbeats lineup, and his recordings with that band appear on the Smog Veil retrospective 'Dumb Looks Still Free'.  Lair's recordings actually pop up all over the Smog Veil discography from our Lurid release to the Pie and Ears comps.  A list and description of all the bands Lair was in can be found here:

Lair died from cancer in October 2011. In September he recorded these two cuts, knowing the end was near. Lair gathered up three of his dear friends - Nick Summa (Floydband), Cheese Borger (Pink Holes) and Steve-O (Death Of Samantha) - to record with.  "Out Of My Hands" and the flip side "To My Friends" which is as beautiful a farewell as you will ever hear.  We're really pleased to be able to release this very last recording, because every thing Lair ever did, including this record, was special  

Limited release of 100 7-inch records on black vinyl.  Free download code included.

In honor of Lair, Smog Veil is pleased to donate our profit from this release to the Hospice of the Western Reserve.