Chris Butler & Ralph Carney "Songs For Unsung Holidays" LP

Celebrate your individuality on the most insane, inane, and irrelevant holidays imaginable. If it’s Tuesday it must be Bubble Wrap Day or Penguin Awareness Day so throw a party with Chris Butler (Tin Huey, The Waitresses) and Ralph Carney (“The King of the New Wave Horns”).

"Ralph Carney calls and says, “How come there are no more silly bands? Let’s do a project! I miss your creativity!” I say “I miss yours!”, so we come up with the idea of doing songs about obscure holidays. We pass tracks back and forth, and bingo...we have enough material for a whole record.  Big fun!  Hope you enjoy it! --Chris Butler

Smog Veil Records is honored to release this last record from Ralph Carney, a celebration of the ridiculous and sublime.  Listen with joy, dance around, and celebrate with this color vinyl LP with a free download code with extra tracks that make every day a holiday.