Chris Butler "GOT IT TOGEHTER!" CD

OK, yes, the misspelling is intentional!

Future Fossil Records and Smog Veil Records are pleased to announce the new solo album by seminal Northeast Ohio musician Chris Butler titled "Got It Togehter!" Butler is well known for The Waitresses song "I Know What Boys Like" and the theme song for the TV sitcom Square Pegs.  Chris of course collaborated with the late Ralph Carney on our "Songs For Unsung Holidays" release.

Tracks on the CD were recorded as late as six months ago, with some tracks dating from the 1980s. It was produced by Chris whose credits include production for Freedy Johnson, They Might Be Giants, Joan Osborne, and Scruffy The Cat, among others. It was recorded/mixed at Butler's studios in Hoboken, NJ; Accord, NY; Akron, OH; Sta-Level Studio/Akron, OH; Climax/New York, NY. It was mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound/Maplewood, NJ.

The twelve tracks on the album are 1. "Physics," 2. "Songs For Guys," 3. "New Enemy," 4. "Summer Money," 5. "Late For Work," 6. "Dromomania," 7. "Mommy Glow," 8. "Nicotine Weather," 9. "Awake," 10. "Never Been Old Before," 11. "Bitch Box," and 12. "Better Than I Ever Was." Bonus tracks on the CD include "The Whirlaway" (Demo), "Touch Of Gray" (Demo), "Better Than I Ever Was" (Demo), and "Curious Girls" (“Big Hit Single”).

Chris Butler has toured and shared the stage with noted artists like Chrissie Hynde, DJ Run, Jerry Lee Lewis, Television, The Gun Club, and Los Straitjackets. This album is recommended to fans of experimental rock ‘n’ roll and bands like XTC, Captain Beefheart, Randy Neuman, Talking Heads, The Who, Steely Dan, The Embarrassment, Television, Tin Huey, and The Waitresses.