Many Smog Veil releases are available for download only from a variety of digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and hundreds more. Here's the list and a link to iTunes for each release.


Mike Hammer of Rubber City Rebels and Hammer Damage fame has a new band, City Cousins.  City Cousins play big rig inspired rocking country out of Mike's hometown of Atlanta. Bringing it home like a beer run to Texarkana, they are sure to offend the sensibilities of your family.  The band's debut release, 'Movin' In' is available as an exclusive download-only release from Smog Veil.

'Movin' In'

Movin' In - City Cousins


Erie, Pennsylvania is and was fertile ground for Smog Veil and many of the label's early bands.  Weekend trips for gigs were the norm in the early 1990s, and the nutsos in Erie responded in kind with the likes of My 3 Scum, Last Man Standing (and Pittsburgh's Thin White Line).  Smog Veil released records by all those bands, and a few years back we delved even farther into Erie punk rock history with our Pistol Whip retrospective.  Bob Kellogg and Larry Weaver of My 3 Scum founded Eerie Records--a label and a storefront--and released some great punk, surf, ska, and psycho rockabilly.  Nearly all of their releases are out of print, and many are now available for digital download.  Grab them all!

The Vultures 'Surfing'

Surfing - The Vultures

Stick Max 'Ant Patrol'

Ant Patrol - Stick Max

'Horror House' comp

Horror House - Various Artists

My 3 Scum 'Night Of The Living Scum'

Night of the Living Scum - My 3 Scum

The Go Go Rays 'Superhero Zero'

Superhero Zero - Go Go Rays

'Super Happy Sampler' comp

Super Happy Sampler - Various Artists

Coffin Bangers 'Chills & Thrills--The First 3 Years'

Chills & Thrills-The First 3 Years - The Coffin Bangers

My 3 Scum 'Best And Worst Volume 1'

The Best & Worst of My 3 Scum Volume 1 - My 3 Scum


You may know Dan McGuire from his Unknown Instructors project--the wild, freewheeling improv rock monster he created along with Mike Watt, George Hurley, and Joe Baiza, (and, numerous special guests, including, David Thomas and Jack Brewer).  Dan founded his own label as well, Prestidigitation Records, releasing mind-expanding avant prog coupled with his own blend of slice of life lyrics/poetry/spoken word jams.  Heavy stuff for sure, but dreamy at just the right moments.  Dan has licensed the label's releases to Smog Veil for digital download, get 'em while they're hot.

'Jamnation' comp

Jamnation - Various Artists

'Phosphene River' comp

Phosphene River - Various Artists


Funambulist - Funambulist

Disjecta Membra

Disjecta Membra - Disjecta Membra


Glossolalia - Glossolalia


Target Earth Records is Tokyo's finest power pop, garage, and punk small label, and Smog Veil is lucky enough to bring to you some of their best releases for download.  Amazing music from the likes of Teengenerate (an explosive live set from their secret base rock club, Shelter), 2 amazing garage pop rockers from Rockbottom, and amazing mod pop from Beat Caravan.  Get 'em all!

Rockbottom 'Revenge'


Teengenerate 'Live At Shelter'

Live At Shelter - Teengenerate

Rockbottom 'Throw Away'

Throw Away - Rockbottom

Rockbottom 'Time Will Be Light'

Time Will Be Light - Rockbottom

Beat Caravan 'Vol. 2'

Beat Caravan


After the demise of Knifedance, Tom Dark set right to work in his new band, Step Sister.  Later incarnations included the ever amazing Tony Erba on bass.  A real punk rock powerhouse in Cleveland, this band really emphasized the rock.  Live performances were crazy as you'd expect.  Smog Veil is lucky to have released these both on CD, and both are now out of print.  Download them while you can!

'Sugar Sweat 8-Track'

Sugar Sweat 8-Track - Step Sister

'Autopilot Stuck On, Get Down!'

Autopilot Stuck On Get Down! - Stepsister


Great little collection of recordings Tom Dark of Step Sister/Knifedance/The Dark fame.  Made with various bands, check out these cuts including guest appearances with Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival, The Driven High, and a couple rare tracks from The Dark and Stepsister!

'Scorpio Rising'

Tom Dark: Scorpio Rising - Tom Dark


Bryan Gregory, Andrella Canne, and James Christopher formed “The Dials” in the mid-1990s.  Bryan was of course a founding member of The Cramps with Lux Interior and Ivy Rorschach in the late 1970s, performing on two of their classic releases, “Gravest Hits” and “Songs the Lord Taught Us.”  The Dials first recording session included “Mental Escape”, “Here For You”, “He’s Touched” and “Lonely Hour” with Bryan on rhythm guitar and some classic feedback, Andrella on vocals, James on bass and lead guitar, with Dennis “The Menace” Hagen providing all programming.  Their second recording session included “Feedback”, “These Hands”, “Slip Away” and “Round and Round” with Bryan (rhythm guitar), Andrella (vocals), James (lead guitar), Moses Choi (bass) and John Bechtel (drums).
'The Dials'

The Dials - The Dials


You may know Brad Warner from his days in 0DFX, or as the buddhist punk author of 'Hardcore Zen', 'Sex, Sin, and Zen', or his monster movie work including the book 'Death To All Monsters!'.  In between his original Akron hardcore days and the books and book tours, Brad moved to Japan and worked on the Ultraman series.  During that time, Brad also fronted a one-man band (later expanded out for live dates), Dimentia 13.  Dimentia 13's sound is pure garage psych pop, and quite pleasing at that.  Dig it:

'Disturb The Air'

Disturb the Air - Dimentia 13

'T.V. Screen Head'

T.V. Screen Head - Dimentia 13

'Dimentia 13'

Dimentia 13 - Dimentia 13

'Mirror Mind'

Mirror Mind - Dimentia 13

'Flat Earth Society'

Flat Earth Society - Dimentia 13


Moth - Dimentia 13


When Smog Veil was first founded, we were lucky enough to have as our first release the debut 7" from The Spudmonsters.  The leading purveyors of Cleveland crossover thrash hardcore, The Spudmonsters enjoyed a long career with numerous demo, vinyl-only, and full-length releases, both on Smog Veil, and later on the German label, Massacre Records.  The band toured Europe numerous times and made it around the States as well.  Smog Veil has licensed 2 of their releases for digital download, the debut LP and a collection of the best of the band's demos, featuring the original vocalist, Joe Gizmo.  Get the here:

'Stop The Madness Again'

Stop the Madness, Again - The Spudmonsters

'The Spudmonsters'

The Spudmonsters - Various Artists

Long-time Cleveland metalheads will recognize this band as a true power metal monster.  Axemaster was formed in 1985 by lead guitarist Joe Sims and Drummer Brian Henderson. The project and music has stood the test of time and remains strong after over 25 years. 

With the band's original lineup (also including vocalist/bassist Christopher Michael) they recorded their first releases: "Slave to the Blade", and "Blessing in the Skies", released by Azra International Records. They were also featured on Azra Record's compilation shaped picture record "Metalgon" and in the comedy/horror movie "Killer Nerd".

Several lineup changes followed as the band recorded their next release "5 Demons".  Smog Veil is lucky to have licensed the band's earliest recordings.  Download them both here:

'Blessing In The Skies'

Blessing In the Skies (Plus Bonus Tracks) - Axemaster

'5 Demons'

5 Demons - Axemaster


When it comes to power metal, there is THOR, and there is everyone else.  The original master of disaster, the greatest metal showman of all time.  You really can't heap enough superlatives at Jon Thor, and whatever has been thrown his way, he's either deadlifted it, or blown it up on stage.  You want metal, this is power metal up your ass!

Smog Veil and THOR have a long history, including numerous CD, DVD, and download releases, tours, t-shirts, films.  Smog Veil has licensed a number of rarities for your listening pleasure, including Jon Thor's earliest works with Thor and the Imps.  Get them all here:

'Best Of THOR, Volume 1'

Best of Thor (Vol. 1) - Thor

'Best Of THOR, Volume 2'

Best of Thor (Vol. 2) - Thor

'Best Of THOR, Volume 3'

Best of Thor (Vol. 3) - Thor

'The Early Years'

Thor & The Imps

'RocknRoll Nightmare Soundtrack'

Rock'n'Roll Nightmare Soundtrack - Thor

Long before Butch Vig spent his days producing garbage (and that doesn't even include his stint with Smashing Pumpkins!), he spent time behind the faders for the great lost '80's power-pop band, The Other Kids. In their brief career, the Madison, Wisconsin trio released only two LPs and an EP, and Smog Veil is lucky to have licensed these for download. But despite the limited output, lead singer/guitarist Steve Watson managed to deliver a feast of crunchy tunes with superb harmonies, most of them on level with the best work of better known power-pop bands such as the Raspberries, Shoes, and the dB's.

After the demise of The Other Kids, Steve moved out west and produced one fabulous solo record, also available from Smog Veil as a download-exclusive.  Get them all here:

The Other Kids 'Grin'

Grin - The Other Kids

The Other Kids s/t

The Other Kids - The Other Kids

The Other Kids 'Living In The Mirror'

Living In the Mirror - The Other Kids

Steve Watson 'Wyoming Radio'

Wyoming Radio - Steve Watson

BAD DUDES 'Bad Dudes'

Kal Mullens of Teachers Pet returns with a super charged rocker!  15 songs including a new take on "Hooked On You".

Bad Dudes - Bad Dudes

DAVID THOMAS and 2 pale boys: 'Meadville'

A fantastic live set from this improv prog powerhouse.  Originally released a live bonus disk included in the David Thomas, Monster box set, 'Meadville' was selected by preeminent rock critic Greil Marcus as his favorite record of 1997.

Meadville - David Thomas and Two Pale Boys

DAVID THOMAS and 2 pale boys: 'Surf's Up'

David Thomas and two pale boys is avant-garde traditional folk music from the future performed with post-dance technology.  Time Out described 'Surf's Up!' (2001), as "harrowing and haunting, beautiful and haunted stuff."

Surf's Up! - David Thomas and Two Pale Boys

DAVID THOMAS and foreigners: 'Bay City'

Bay City is an album of reinvented roots-- part salty melancholic blues, part wounded sultry jazz and part jangling swamp rock. Bay City - tales from Philip Marlowe's lost nights in a town affluent and self-contented on the surface, rife with corruption and nepotism just underneath. Blood on the face of the moon. Bones buried in the hills. Double indemnity and dark visions.  David Thomas and foreigners started life at a concert staged in the middle of the Gefion fountain, in the rain, in Copenhagen in 1996. Jørgen Teller enlisted Mr Thomas along with 2 other Danish musicians, P. O. Jørgens and Per Buhl Acs. The collaboration, recorded on a farm in Denmark between 1996 and 1999, promised a hard-edged reappraisal of American music, the lingua franca of a planet drifting into strangeness. Contrary to all logic, it is a startlingly specific cultural folkwork.

Bay City - David Thomas & Foreigners


Ever been to that nifty clepunk.com web site to check on the latest shenanigans of every miscreant living in Northeastern Ohio? Well, Mark Vocca, originator of the site, decided an audio accompianment would be just the ticket, and lo and behold, CLEPUNK.comp Volume 1 is born.  This low-price comp features new tracks from Smog Veil’s Vacancies as well as Disengage, The Unknown, Allergic to Whores, and too many more to count, delivering 28 tracks of the Cleveland Now Sound!!

ClePunk.comp - Various Artists

RUBBER CITY REBELS "The Hollywood Years"

After the Rebels moved from Akron to LA, they hooked up with Knack head honcho, Doug Fieger, and recorded an LP for Capitol. Here's alternate mixes of the record plus a 1980 KROQ interview.

The Hollywood Years (1979-1984) - Rubber City Rebels


All the earliest recordings from Akron's finest, including the stuff from the split LP with the Bizarros, plus 5 early studio takes!

The Akron Years (1977) - Rubber City Rebels


After Rubber City Rebels went on hiatus around 1982, Buzz put together his first solo recording with the help of Phil Seymour.  This is the result, 13 fantastic guitar rippers!

California - Buzz Clic Adventure


Buzz returns again with 13 more guitar rippers!

Yadang - Buzz Clic Adventure

BOLD CHICKEN "Bold Chicken"

Bold Chicken was the first band Buzz Clic fronted, active in 1973-1974ish.  These archival recordings collected from one-off acetates are wild and frenzied, sorta like The Mentally Ill, except from Akron!  After the demise of Bold Chicken, Buzz formed King Kobra along with Rod Firestone, and then eventually transformed that band into Rubber City Rebels.  11 demented songs!

Bold Chicken - Bold Chicken


Before jumping to Joan Jett's Blackheart Records, The Vacancies made their debut on Smog Veil.  10 sweaty teen anthems, Cleveland punk rock with a dose of O.C. melodies.

Gutpunch - The Vacancies


Gary Lupico and crew serve up the finest alt-country record I've ever heard.  And, in true Cleveland form, did it prior to whatever movement there was known as alt-country.  Long live Gary, he was a true friend of the label and the many artists that recorded for Smog Veil, and this last record of his is just amazing.

The Fire of Misery - California Speedbag

LURID "Lurid"

The mid to late 80s were an odd time in Cleveland as in most scenes.  Sounds shifted and changed.  Lurid was one of those great transitional bands that crossed the lines between punk and hardcore, yet served up some amazing music.  Fronted by the ever amazing voice of Val Seeley, the band was also comprised at various times of Bob Richey of The Pink Holes and The Pagans, Lair Matic of The Offbeats (and countless other great bands), and Al McGinty of Wild Giraffes.  Live and studio cuts included here.

Lurid - Lurid

NUMBSKULL 'Final Days Of Torture'

The original Numbskull demo in its wonderful noise entirety.  20 amazing tracks of bass heavy hardcore weirdness that can best be described as what you would get if Black Sabbath had formed in Cleveland in 1981 and decided to play hardcore straight from the start.

Final Days of Torture - Numbskull

NUMBSKULL 'The Great Brain Bake-Off'

Darryl reformed Numbskull in the 2000's and this is the result.  While the production values are a bit better, it's still the same bass and drums-only hardcore the band perfected 20 years earlier!

The Great Brain Bake-Off - Numbskull

PLAGUE 'Thumper'

After the demise of the Defnics, Bob Sablack and Mohawk Mike got together with Duke and formed Plague.  Old school Cleveland hardcore, circa 1985ish.  A 2-volume ripper!

Volume 1:

Thumper, Volume 1 - Plague

Volume 2:

Thumper, Volume 2 - Plague


Smog Veil is lucky to present the Estel catalog.  Estel is a fantastic Irish garage psych improv prog powerhouse, and all of these records are complex, hook filled, mind blowing experiences.

'Angelpie I Think I Ate Your Face'

Angelpie I Think I Ate Your Face - Estel

'A Guide In Time Of Danger'

A Guide In Time Of Great Danger - Estel

'My dreams are like rabbits...'

My Dreams Are Like Rabbits, They Built a Tunnel, Fell Onto the Pavement and Died - Estel

'The Bones Of Something'

The Bones Of Something - Estel

'untitled' (with Steve Mackay and Mike Watt)

untitled - Steve Mackey, Mike Watt & Estel

'A Massive, Glorious, Uphill Shit Fight.'

A Massive, Glorious, Uphill, S**t-Fight. - Estel

THE BALOMAI BROTHERS 'No Power, the best of The Balomai Brothers'

Ridiculously silly, but inventive and sarcastic observations of the mysterious Balomai Brothers are the makings of this fine release.  Who these peope are, we may never know.  If you are searching, I suggest you start somewhere on Brookpark Road, and follow the trail of peirogi aroma to the nearest basement.  There, you may find them.  Or, maybe not.

No Power - Best of the Balomai Brothers - Balomai Brothers