OBNOX 'I'm Bleeding Now' cassette

LAMONT ‘BIM’ THOMAS has a discography as distinguished and extensive as about anybody in Ohio Underground Rock and Roll. From MY UNKILL WAYNE to THE BASSHOLES to THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY to THE PUFFY AREOLAS, Bim has played on a long list of records that make the collector scum of the world get red in the face and short of breath. However, ask your typical record collector who Bim is and you'll most likely get a blank stare. That's because, for the last twenty years he's been 'behind' the drum kit, working as the backbone for some of the great Ohio underground bands of our time. On these recordings, though, we've got the man at center stage, singing, playing drums, guitar, back-ups and whatever else. The result is a mixture of Ohio punk rock and Detroit soul, the likes of which don't come around very often. “I can check bands like Death (Detroit) or the Dirtbombs for touchstones, but that is probably too obtuse on my part, because like the music on all of the great records he's been involved with, this music is unique.”—Adam Smith (Columbus Discount Records). 

Eight tracks pressed on a cheap cassette with an insert.  Note: the LP is sold out, but some retailers may still have it!


I'm Bleeding Now - Obnox